"Prove your devotion and I shall prove mine" - Inscription on the first floor of Layal's Tower

Lyall, or Layal, is the god of strength, effort, and power. A lot of gods have temples all over the worlds, ranging from small cults to massive churches filled with hierarchies. Layal has one: the Tower of Layal. All clerics of his have made a pilgrimage at some point in their lives to this tower. In fact, its a requirement: Layal openly ignores any of his followers who haven't even attempted to scale the tower. The popular theory among scholars is that Layal is bound to his tower, and his followers need to be in the tower to receive Layal's blessing to then go out and spread into the world. His followers dispute this, claiming that it is a show of faith, not a limitation of their gods power. Regardless of the answer, it is true that Layal's influence is best felt in his one temple. The followers of Layal come from many different breeds, too. As long as they demonstrate power, Layal could care less about who enters his tower. Being straightforward is a necessity, however. Few gods take physical form in the moral realm, but Layal will personal step down and smite the formations of bureaucracy and treachery in his church.

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