Lachandra (Lanee) Miele is a 21-year-old hunter who resides in the town of Root. She is one of the few townspeople who is unafraid of the woods, so she accepts payments to venture into them to hunt, look for lost wanderers, and pick the herbs that grow there, which are often needed for potions and quests. She is accompanied on these quests by her pet wolf Therion. She prefers spending her time in the woods, for she would much rather be around Therion and the other animals than people. She feels a strong spiritual connection with the woods and all the creatures in it, which according to her mother stems from her great-great-grandmother, who had been an angel of the forest goddess.

As a child, Lanee spent most of her time in the woods around her village. Unlike the forest surrounding Root, these woods were safe and her parents, busy with six other children, usually didn’t mind her playing in them. That’s where she met Therion; an orphan who wandered to the edge of the woods near her house. She would save him scraps from her dinner and take them to him every morning.

One day at the age of ten, after spending a long summer day using Therion’s nose to find berry patches in the woods, she came home to find her village, and everyone in it, had been destroyed. Although she didn’t see who did it, she assumed it was the magical beasts that had destroyed other villages nearby. In fear, she ran back into the woods and was lost there for two weeks, surviving off what she could find.

She was found nearly starved, curled up with Therion at the base of a tree, by a ranger who was hunting for rabbits. The man, who had no children of his own but had always wanted one, took her and her pet back to his home on the other side of the woods. There, he trained her how to craft a bow and use it to hunt. As she grew older, she would spend weeks at a time in the woods learning and practicing survival skills, so she would never have to worry about getting lost there again. When she turned 19, she left to find her own, solitary lifestyle in Root.

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