"Oristead's a cosy little place, lots of folks with pretty simple lives. Nothing really to see there so you should probably not stick around too long since the locals are not all that patient with outsiders."

-Trading caravan leader's advice to travelers

Somewhere in Southern Figossa at a time only a few years before revolutions start slowly dissolving the empire, a small farming village suffered from yet another year of poor harvest while under the weight of crippling taxes from overfed nobles. While some of these villagers advocated for rising up against their oppressors, a particularly charismatic and strong willed cleric of Oris convinced them of another path they could take (Literally). about 150 individuals simply abandoned all but the clothes on their back and walked off to settle further southeast, away from the watchful eye of the empire.

Oristead is an indistinct, small, widespread farming village that for the better part of the last 95 years remained mostly autonomous and survived entirely on what skills and sustenance the residents could provide for each other without outside help. If one were trying to find the village, they would have to know the exact location of the village center or they might simply walk right through it without encountering even a single local. Learning the location of that would prove tricky since while avoiding notice of the Figossa's Nobles, it also slipped under the radar of map makers. Oristead has no official boarders for each individual's land, if someone in the village wants to start a farm of their own they just walk until they think their new crop land won't bother anyone else's. The one defining feature and what establishes this area as a strong community, despite the low resident density, is the large temple devoted to Oris in the village center. The temple and the grounds around it serve as a holy site, town hall, festival grounds, trading market, school for those with the time to attend, and just about anything else it needs to be used for.

The credited founder of Oristead and protector of the people, Warren Arbrac, was the cleric that inspired the original founders to move. He used guidance from Oris to locate them to a safe place with fertile ground and as an offering to the god named the village in his honor. The priests that took his place after Warren's death were the two boys he raised as his own when they were orphaned by the journey. It became tradition that the temple and by extension the limited local government was run by priests or priestesses that were raised exclusively by the previous Priests of Oris for their job. They received the best education in the village and could even learn some simple magic later in life if they showed aptitude.

The residents of Oristead consist entirely of the direct bloodline of the original settlers. With paranoia of being taken notice of, being forced to pay taxes, and have their life dictated by a noble family, travelers are encouraged to keep moving and others attempting to settle are driven away entirely. With the passage of time and residents only marrying other residents while everyone maintained the same lifestyle the general look of the all the locals homogenized (large built, dirty blond hair, and grey eyes). At first glance, an outsider might have difficulty telling any two random residents apart. With minimal outside contact an inclusivist culture formed in the community.

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