"You know, when I first took my holy oaths, I didn't think I would wind up a paladin in the name of a god of something as fickle as money. But its not really about the money, is it? It's about the hands that exchange it." - A Paladin of Netu

Netu, or Inetu, is the goddess of wealth, trade, and contracts. For a diety that represents the cold and superficial gleam of gold, Inetu is strikingly warm. No other god adheres to the tenets of fair play and honoring one's word than she. Though her love is for the accumulation of wealth, it is so that wealth can spread. She is against the idea of withholding treasure, and far favors the circulation of it. Her followers are often merchants and even her priests often run businesses and trade charters throughout the world. Generally, any deal backed by the clergy of Inetu is guaranteed to be a fair deal: her followers who break deals tend to receive her ire. Suprisingly, Inetu also has a large amount of Paladins in her service. Although they offer their services for sell, making them somewhat more mercenary-like than your average holy knight, they still uphold good and the principles of fairness.

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