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This is the place to be for all things relating to a world that isn't in any way all that important. What it is, however, is terribly interesting. And also a work in progress, so you might want to mind that.

What is the World of No Particular Import?Edit

The World of No Particular Import is a world of High Fantasy and smidgens of Sci-fi; Kitchen-Sink Fantasy and heaps of original content. The World is centered around four continents on the Living Realm: Orna, Orna Bis, Nacifi, and Velocia. Between the four major regions of the World, upwards of 50 different countries all vie and struggle on the world stage for resources, magic, survival, independence, virtues, values, and much much more. Humans interact with familiar races such as Elves and Dwarves, and much stranger races such as the immortal Elsphim, the symbiotic Vori-Gao, and the eclectic Viana.

The World is smack dab in the middle of it's third age: an age of new and strange independence following the violent and cataclysmic Divine Civil War. Though their presence is still felt throughout the world, new treaties and mutually assured Divine destruction prevent them from acting in the Living Realm the way they did in the second realm. The World is in stage of growth and change - new powers arise, old powers struggle to stay relevant, and secret powers are playing their hands as the vacuum begins to settle. The World of No Particular Import is a world of journeys, and of conflict. Of growth both on the national stage and on a more personal note. Adventurers and mercenaries wander the country side to hunt monsters of bygone ages as Kings and Queens wage wars to establish their legacies.

Nothing so unimportant has ever meant so much.

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This will be periodically filled out as important pages are made.

God and Goddess Directory

Latest activityEdit

  • new page List of the Main Gods and Goddesses
    created by Clockworkseagull 2 minutes ago
    New page: The 20 Gods of the World of No Particular Import, In No Particular OrderEdit Anu The Hope Capall Dorcha, The Tree of Fate Krsavatai the Calamity...
  • edit TheWorldOfNoParticularImport Wiki
    edited by Clockworkseagull 22 minutes ago diff
    Summary: Like, a lot
  • new page Oristead
    created by A Fandom user
    New page: "Oristead's a cosy little place, lots of folks with pretty simple lives. Nothing really to see there so you should probably not stick around too long...
  • edit Warren Black
    edited by A Fandom user diff
  • new page Warren Black
    created by Clockworkseagull
    New page: The Childhood and Development of Warren Radram The human peers of Warren Black were accustomed to occasionally seeing the likes of Elf adults; a half...
  • new page Lachandra Miele
    created by Clockworkseagull
    New page: Lachandra (Lanee) Miele is a 21-year-old hunter who resides in the town of Root. She is one of the few townspeople who is unafraid of the woods, so...
  • new page The Kobold Hollow of Haw-Lo
    created by Clockworkseagull
    New page: "Kobold small, so small place best for Kobold! Big person big, no place for big person here. Leave, or Kobolds will show Big People Kobold's place...
  • new page Hope
    created by Clockworkseagull
    New page: "In silence, there is hope. In death, the life of others" A common prayer of the Paladins of Anu Anu, Anyu, or Anthyu is the goddess of hope,...
  • new page The End
    created by Clockworkseagull
    New page: "..." Cleric of Oth. Oh wait, no it wasn't, because there aren't any clerics of Oth. Oth, Oteth, or Tethyr is the first of the divine that came into...
  • new page The Tree of Fate
    created by Clockworkseagull
    New page: "Duck!" A cleric of Capall Dorcha to a mercenary, 20 seconds before the mercenary was hit by an arrow trap he triggered Capall Dorcha, Paldorsa, or...

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