"Kobold small, so small place best for Kobold! Big person big, no place for big person here. Leave, or Kobolds will show Big People Kobold's place for Big People. Is Big People Grave, after Kobolds are done stabbing the Big People"

The Kobold Hollow of Haw-Lo is the closest Kobold settlement to the Town of Root. Located within the Sonderhem, towards the borders, it is a series of interconnected caves and tunnels that are all dug around an old ruin. The Kobold population, which is perhaps larger than the population of Root despite being in an area many times smaller, named their town after what the humans were calling it. The people of Root nicknamed it the Kobold Hallow, thus the Kobold's named it "Haw-Lo".

Generally, tensions are high with the Town of Root. This is because the Kobold population aren't very good at making their own refined goods. They also aren't very good at diplomacy, and have some savage customs that make the people of Root somewhat hesitant to view them as non-threatening. Because of this, the Kobolds of Haw-Lo often skulk about Root at night, hiding in alleys and in quickly made Kobold warrens, nicking small goods from the townsfolk. The thievery of the Kobolds have led to them being labeled as nuisances and pests. Luckily, the Kobolds are too cowardly to escalate among thievery, so the people of Root tolerate their small town and seem to have no interest in forcing a confrontation.

The Kobold's of Haw-Lo worship a minor deity that they believe the temple was built for. This misconception is almost blatantly wrong, as expeditions from the Cartographer's Guild have shown the temple to be not a temple at all. Still, the Kobold's claim this and even that their deity talks directly with their shaman. The Cartographer's Guild doubts this, but has shown curiosity as the Kobold's have been getting more and more fervent in their beliefs.

Beyond religion, the Kobolds have a strange lifestyle. Although they steal constantly from Root, stealing between Kobold's is harshly punished by the chief. As such, status is defined in Haw-Lo by a few things. The greatest thieves who steal the best things live the lives of celebrities, telling stories of their exploits to their fellow den-mates. The few who can make supplies without theft are in high demand, and make up the Kobold 'nobility'. For the most part, these are smiths who provide the tools for expanding Ha-Low as they dig deeper underneath the forest. Then, there are the Nites of Haw-Lo. Because of how dangerous the Sonderhem is, Haw-Lo is one of the few Kobold settlements that exists with an active militia. These 'Nites', again named after a human word, are noted for being champions of the kobold people. They're viewed by their den-mates as heroes who protect the village from harm and danger. Occasionally, one of the Nites will gain notoriety for slaying a particularly fierce creature (well, fierce to a Kobold, at least). These Nites are usually made into the elite guard of the Chief or the Shaman, and keep the order in Haw-Lo. Yet, an odd few decide they're brave enough for the outside world, and travel to Root to live amongst the big folk. Though these Kobolds are a rarity at best, their residence is surprisingly tolerated as they provide a voice from the forest most haven't heard.

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