"There's a reason people are scared of forests" - Townsfolk of Root

Tlalocatl, Lalocatal, or Loctel is the goddess of forests and fear. She's honestly quite terrifying, and probably only interacts with mortals because she likes scaring them, killing them, and being all around unpleasant to them. Her influence has seen the rise and fall of thousands of monsters all across the world. If you trace back a beast's lineage, odds are somewhere down the line you'll find one of Loctel's favored children. Her priesthood is granted power by her to go out and terrify the populace. As long as they maintain an air of unease in local villages, Loctel doesn't really care about their motives of worship. Thus, a decent portion of her following are martyrs, isolating themselves in order to protect people from Loctel's whims. Of course, an equal amount of her followers just love to hate people, so it can be hard to tell. Most villages react to anything involving this goddess with terror, fear, and mobs with pitchforks. On the rare occasion that a priest of Loctel (who isn't actively killing people) is allowed to set up shop in a village, they take up residence on the outermost skirts.

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