"Yes, I'm glad you healed my men, I just think that maybe you could have done it without elecricuting anyone." -One of Warren's less satisfied clients

The Childhood and Development of Warren Radram

The human peers of Warren Black were accustomed to occasionally seeing the likes of Elf adults; a half elf on the other hand was a new sight. He was first found on an early morning, no more than a few weeks old, lying on the steps of a temple of Oris in his new home village. As a child Warren was raised by the very priest that found him on that fateful day. Strath Radram taught him everything he would have learned if he had schooling by both elf parents and human ones. His social life growing up was significantly less successful because of how his unusual physical traits isolated him for children his age. While he tried to grow out his hair to cover his obviously pointed ears, this only further displayed its dark base shade that was rare among people around the area as well as the mossy green tint that betrayed his wood-elf parentage. Even when people matured enough to accept Warren as a full member of the village, they had a hard time trusting him because of the strange happenings that accompanied his presence. They started young on him with subtle things such as his hair and clothes occasionally moving as if pushed by a breeze when there was none, but they progressed to much more frequent and disruptive supernatural acts. Before he was even a teenageer his possessions were always in disarray as if someone had rummaged through them and even out in the open objects he interacted with had a chance of flying across the room in a random direction and hideous sounds would manifest in empty space near him. After a particularly brutal incident where a carving knife Warren dropped skipped across the ground with unnatural velocity and lodged itself in the upper thigh of a temple patron, both Warren and those that interacted with him faced brutal discrimination. Strath particularly faced persecution and discreditation being the “priest with a possessed child”. Warren began seeing himself as a burden on the father and mentor he looked up to so much. When he finally ran away, Warren took with him the first name that Strath had so lovingly chosen for him and shed his old last name in favor of protecting his adopted father.

The Exile of Warren Black

At 18 Warren Black rid himself of his home and set out with no particular goal except to distance himself from the village as fast as possible. His first weeks of travels involved hungry, sleepless nights on the ground which was a shocking contrast to home. Food and supplies quickly consumed his initial money so Warren would do odd jobs for silver in every town that he stopped in. What he bought with that money rarely lasted him the full time he spent on paths in the wilderness between towns. As the time passed, Warren learned to rely on basic foraging to supplement food he bought. Distance from home did nothing to slow his curse so warren tried his best to remain subtle and stay in one place as short as possible. Frustration and curiosity inspired Warren to try and control the supernatural forces that surrounded him. After months of practice and with a degree of focus and concentration he could cause certain objects to move at will by manipulating the evil spirits that haunted him. The thought occurred to him that his curse and manipulation of it were a byproduct of a possibly accessible magical presence within him. The opportunity to test this theory arose some time later when he encountered a fawn, exhausted with a bolt lodged in its side, too tired to even run from him. The injury reminded Warren of the accident with his carving knife and how Strath calmed the man and stopped the bleeding with a prayer, swiftly healing the wound. He pulled out the bolt causing the deer to struggle, and held it down so it wouldn’t harm either of them. He couldn’t remember the prayer so he spoke his own incantation in elvish. Warren felt something stirring within where his curse was anchored and his concentration manifested itself as flesh and muscle. The fawn lept up and fled. Perhaps this curse was more than it seemed.

Warren with sell swords

At the age of 20, Warren started to experiment with what magic he accessed. As he learned to harness magic, he taught himself to also hide the cursed spirits that haunted him  which opened options to stop moving from time to time and work longer and for more money. It was after a particularly lucrative day of assisting a blacksmith whose apprentice was injured that Warren found his niche. He sat at the end of a bar at an inn socializing with another patron when some large well armed individuals sat down in a corner. He typically wasn’t too fond of the cocky mercenary type (and would occasionally mess with them by knocking their equipment or drinks on the floor from across the room if they were too boisterous), but these people looked well bruised, cut, and quiet. Feeling pity for them, Warren approached their leader and offered to fix the poorly dressed wound on her arm where it looked like her shield had been pierced. She looked at him suspiciously, but accepted anyway and was shocked when he used magic to perfectly seel the gash. That night Warren received his first advanced payment from mercenaries to be a personal battle medic. His new career increased the speed at which the mysteries of his magic manifested themselves. While trying magic that didn’t relate to his haunting spirits or healing spells Warren had almost no successes. The only thing that came relatively easy was manipulation of air which he could do by channeling the energy from his curse directly. His revelations only created more questions about the relationship between his magic and his haunting curse. Were the spirits drawn by his innate power? Was his power derived from them or were they a residual effect? Why could he manipulate them and draw power from them to control the air around him, but only heal wounds when relying on his own strength? His and their power depleted and replenished itself at different rates and some tasks even required overlapping of the two. It was very clear that the magic he used derived itself from two completely separate sources. Warren’s tormentors are a curse on him, but are the spirits’ bondage to him also a curse for them? He continues his travels making a living from the payments he gets for accompanying bounty hunters and mercenaries as a healer and looking for something or anything that would help him understand his curse.

Entry from the journal of Warren Black:

       I figured it was only a matter of time before I found myself on my way to Root. The way I hear it from my clientele, this place’ll work me to death if not early retirement. The pile of bounties are sure to attract plenty of bounty hunters and the smart ones might even take me up on my services. A little insurance to make sure they can stick around long enough to collect their reward is pretty enticing. If I don't find Root all that appealing I might see if some mercenaries would be willing to cough up the coin to have me follow them on whatever dangerous adventure they plan to embark on. They say being so close to Sonderhem keeps people from wanting to live there, but it's not like I'm a stranger to the weird or transmundane.

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